We've counted up a multitude of new numbers lately that we thought were worth calling to your attention, including our new office number: 646-838-9000. We hope these figures help you recalibrate your 2015 marketing plans.

80% of Marketers Plan to Spend More on Content

With 93% of brands currently deploying content for marketing purposes, it remains to be seen who will actually be able to do so cost effectively. For the moment at least, consumers seem open to branded content, with 64% saying they are receptive to marketer-created images, 57% to videos and 46% to articles. Another study reported that 60% of buyers are inspired to seek out a product after reading content about it.

Yet, Only 44% of Marketers Have a Documented Content Strategy

This stat stumps us. How is it possible that more than half of all marketers are increasing their spending and their output without having a well-defined, metric-rich road map? Surely that has to change with 78% of CMOs viewing custom content as the future of marketing.

Cutting Through the 27 Million Blog Entries Posted Each Day

And 27 million is nothing compared to the 4 billion daily posts on Facebook or the 100 hours of YouTube video uploaded every minute! With so much content being generated, brands are now confronting the new reality that individual posts are mere raindrops in a sea of sameness. Clearly, turning these droplets into a cohesive torrent of competitive advantage will require a more strategic approach.

Engagement Rates on Social Channels Are Miniscule

Since the organic reach of Facebook posts on brand pages with more than 500,000 fans dropped to 2%, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the average engagement rate per post on Facebook is a tiny 0.7% (note: Twitter is even lower at 0.2%). For the moment, Instagram is the notable social exception, with engagement rates averaging 4.2% despite 60 million new photos being posted daily!

This Could Be a Good Time to Call 646-838-9000

Renegade has formulated a content marketing model that we’d be happy to walk you through. Besides the obvious need to have a clear strategy, this model emphasizes the proven power of a campaign approach to social media and content marketing, liberating it from the confines of digital, and reconnecting it with events, research and PR. There’s even some proprietary math that adds up to more focused and, ultimately, more effective social/content campaigns.