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The Buzz About Google+




Google has finally entered a serious contender into the social sphere with its launch of Google+, the new project that turns the established search giant into one, collective social network. Known as “Google’s answer to Facebook,” the program introduces some new and improved ways to share and connect with people. Here are some of the coolest:

The Circles+ feature is a new approach to the well-known friend lists.  Unlike Facebook or Twitter lists, Circles+ allow users to make several different friend groups for sharing different content. Now, close friends, family, and professional connections can be organized as such. Plus, the company has added a little fun with animation accompanying the creation of a circle.

Sparks is a new content feature. Users can choose certain topics like fashion, health, or entertainment and the engine recommends interesting and relevant content based on the information from other Google products like Google Search. The idea is simple- make it easy for people to explore their interests and allow them to share it with their friends. Sound familiar to Twitter?

Hangouts are a new way to group chat. Instead of inviting one person to chat, a user can just start a  “hangout” and let other friends join. The best part is that the chat screen shows whoever is currently talking, so although you could be in a group with 10 people you will only see one person at a time.

Google+ has been in the works for over a year, and the final product is well designed and innovative. The company has already dominated the search field, but until now has never made an impact on the social sphere. Is Google+ serious competition for Facebook and Twitter? We’ll find out.


-Laura Burns


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