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When Bad Ads Happen to Good People


Piracy2You know that feeling when you’re girlfriend is having a night out with friends, your best option on your DVR is a re-run of The Hogan Family, and that Thomas Pynchon novel is acting more like a doorstop than a book?  You’re all alone in your apartment and that Failure to Launch DVD is just staring you in the face waiting to be viewed?  You put on some chamomile, light some candles, and prepare to dive into non-stop Matthew McConaughey/Sarah Jessica Parker hilarity.  Suddenly, you’re confronted by a five-minute commercial slapping you in the face repeatedly and calling you a pirate.

"But I bought this DVD at Best Buy!" you say, while attempting to dry your never-ending tears.  The MPAA has taken a cue from the Patriot Act and assumed that everyone’s a suspect.  Many DVDs, bought through entirely legal channels, have a stern warning at their start explaining the lengthy prison sentence you’ll most likely endure as soon as your pinky hits that download button.  What this does is reduce the value of the item you’ve already paid for and becomes nothing more than an expensive lesson in preaching to the choir.

At left, you’ll notice an image created by Broken-TV that illustrates, quite accurately, the frustration that most legal consumers experience when treated like malefactors.  (Sorry for the curse words).

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