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One Hundred and Fifty


Ces_2008_image_150103_screen_picA few Renegades ventured out to Las Vegas earlier this week to attend CES 2008. While many companies featured interesting new consumer electronic products, the most astonishing new product had to be Panasonic’s 150 inch plasma television. I am not sure how to describe it in words, so I hope this video will suffice.

Your Television Welcomes You Back


If it’s September, that means that it’s the start of the new television season. With that, you know the networks are going to be pulling out some nice marketing tsotchkes to remind you about their shows.

ABC, to promote Grey’s Anatomy, sent out 100,000 gowns to TV Guide subscribers. NBC, to promote Heroes, has been giving out goodies while going to science fiction conventions during the Summer. Then there’s CBS, who promoted this season’s Survivor (which is set in China) with Chinese Takeout Containers and Fortune Cookies. Hopefully, some of those contestants read them to see what their gaming future would be. More importantly, maybe the producers of some of the other television shows saw the cookies and realized that these marketing techniques will be vital for their own future. 

Will commuters soon become coach potatoes?


Subwaytv_1Subway commuters in Atlanta who are bored with reading the paper, listening to their iPods, or staring at the
other passengers may soon have other forms of entertainment. By
late spring, the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority, or
MARTA, will become the first North American subway to pump TV and radio
feeds into its rail cars. 230 rail cars will be outfitted with 15-inch
flat screens that will offer a local television news loop from ABC
affiliate WSB-TV and transmitters that will offer top 40, jazz and
R&B music. 
Washington and Vancouver, Canada, may be next on the list of cities to follow this lead.

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