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The Networks are Watching


Cbs_logo_240_001In Minority Report, Tom Cruise walked into a Gap, had his eyes scanned, and an automated voice asked him how his newly purchased khakis fit.  In a future set Washington, DC, Big Brother is definitely watching.  In our times, and depending on which conspiracy theorist you chose to believe, he’s getting close.  So when I caught wind of CBS’s new way of putting shows in front of potential viewers, I put down down my copy of 1984 and took notice.

Simply walk through Grand Central Station in New York City armed with a bluetooth enabled PDA or phone, and you’ll be beamed with video clips of 5 of the network’s primetime shows.  Of course, you have to "choose" to accept the 30 second videos. 
The technology is already being used in Europe. Viacom Outdoor has a permanent network of Bluetooth-enabled poster sites on the London Undergound and tube users can download content on to their mobiles using Bluetooth devices housed inside the interactive posters.

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