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Effective electronics design for a sustainable environment


The need for good and effective design does not just make spaces more practical or nicer to look at; it also helps maintain a sustainable environment. The effective use and re-use of materials is a practice that can change the world in immense proportions.

The problem is of course the amount garbage we dispose of, the rapid consumption of the natural resources and the toxic waste we are being exposed to, but how do we deal with this problem? Annie Leonard has a very interesting solution. In the video Annie shows us in very simple but effective ways how our consumer habits and electronics companies’ way of selling is poisoning our earth and our lives.

The whole system needs a great restructuring and this is where design is so incredibly important. Good design, the effective use of the right materials without harsh chemicals, and a renewable (recyclable) materials system are the key to an effective sustainable environment that won’t harm the earth, others, or us.

If we don’t get people to care then world will become a waste dump. In my opinion, the solution is getting the right education and demanding eco friendly products. In today's society the consumer has all the power. If people start to demand green products and reject harmful chemicals, then the seller will have no choice but to make those changes. Raise awareness, change peoples habits, turn them into active participates and make a change. 


It's Easy Being Green


When they told me today was going to be "Green Day" at Renegade, I was ecstatic.  It was when I showed up with my "Dookie" T-shirt and blasting "Longview" out of my 80’s era boombox that I realized I’d made a terrible mistake.  The rest of the group was talking about recycling and ways to cut down on our waste output while I was asking people which album was better, "American Idiot" or "Kerplunk!"

Today, Renegade kicked off it’s official Green Initiative with the help of our Green Team.  We were treated to bagels, fruit, green tea, and some lessons on how to make our office a bit more environmentally friendly.

We aren’t green yet, but we aim to be.  Since moving to our new space, changes have been made to reduce our impact on the environment. Water bottles are seemingly attached to all employees, recycling bins are scattered around the office, and we’re attempting to switch all paper products to recycled paper.  These are the first steps to a larger goal.

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