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LinkedIn’s new “Apply with LinkedIn” Button and it’s potential


I first set up my LinkedIn account because a family relative who worked as an HR hiring manager kept stressing the importance and relevance the networking site held for job seekers.

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I didn’t understand it. I still have questions about its effectiveness. It could be my fault. I may be too hesitant in asking people to recommend me. I do update my profile so hiring managers have something nice to see about me, but I know I am not using the site to its full potential.

LinkedIn seems to have recognized its flaws. The addition of the “Apply with LinkedIn” button sets LinkedIn up to revolutionize the way the site works. 

Now, with the click of a button, users can apply for jobs listed on LinkedIn. No cover letter. No filling in boxes asking for the same information over and over again.

Perhaps the best feature of this application process is the ability to fully utilize your contacts. If users apply for a job and have a connection at that company, they can click a button asking for that contact to refer them.

If LinkedIn can get more companies to use their employment listing, they have the potential to make job searching much more convenient. I am quickly becoming less of a LinkedIn skeptic and more or a LinkedIn advocate.

-- Niko DeMordaunt

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