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Choose Your Own Adventure––BBQ Style––with New Wendy’s Video Ads


We recently heard about Wendy's newest campaign that advertises the return of the BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich and BBQ Pulled Pork Cheese Fries. Titled "Crack the Masters," the campaign by VML, a full service digital marketing and advertising agency, features a series of online videos that link to one another and transform the consumer’s experience of the advertisement into a game that almost anyone with Internet access can play. 

Screen Shot 2015 09 22 at 2.38.03 PM

According to Ketchum, the marketing agency that came up with the campaign, “Crack the Masters” sprung out of the realization that pitmasters will do anything to hide any secrets that might give away their own recipes for successful barbecued meat. In acknowledgement of this hurdle, the Wendy's team conducted extensive research by attending BBQ festivals and visiting the best BBQ joints in America. This has proven to be no easy task, however. And now, Wendy’s is asking for your help.

The interactive game follows a "choose your own adventure" format that lets you pick one master out of the three presented in the initial video (sauce, smoke and "hip") from whom you wish to intercept information. 

Screen Shot 2015 09 22 at 2.36.54 PM resized 600

But, that's not all.

Users watch a series of videos that feature some of the nation's master BBQ chefs (or so they appear) and try to pull out some of the "meatiest" secrets by reading each master's ego and personality. This, in effect, helps you decide how to respond to them. If you press a little, you might find out some secrets that go beyond Wendy's products and actually teach you helpful tips on how to make real, good BBQ. For example, you might learn what type of wood works the best for slow-cooking pork shoulder.

When I played the game, I chose to “press a little," and so as a result, I learned that some BBQ masters put coffee in their sauces. Helpful tip! Reminds me of when I learned that some people pour beer and powdered cinnamon into their chili.

To play "Crack the Masters" and learn more about Wendy's and the return of their beloved BBQ products, visit Wendy's official YouTube channel. I'll be pretending to dip my fries in cheese sauce.  

This post was written by current Renegade intern Sam Oriach. You can follow him on Twitter @samoriach.

Social News Roundup | November 14, 2014


1. Need to “Say Thanks?”


Photo courtesy of AllFacebook

Facebook introduces a new feature called “Say Thanks” that lets users send personalized thank-you video cards to their Facebook friends. Read more…


2. Time For A Twitter Overhaul!


Photo courtesy of MediaBistro

Some of the new improvements coming to Twitter include Instant Timeline, Timeline Highlights, better direct messages, video sharing and news alerts. Read more…


3. Google Announces New YouTube Music Subscription Service 


Photo courtesy of Mashable

The service, known as YouTube Music Key, is currently invite-only for a six-month beta test but is expected to be widely available in early 2015. Read more…


4. Pinterest Doubles Its Male User Base


Photo courtesy of SocialTimes

Changes such as hiring former Unilever VP David Rubin, introducing gender targeting for pins, and partnering with companies like The Home Depot have helped Pinterest attract men to what was formerly a female-dominated social media site. Read more…


5. Social Media Killed SEO? #False.


Photo courtesy of MediaBistro

Twitter recently implemented changes that give Google and Bing easier access to 50,000 popular hashtag pages, leading to an increase in the number of logged-out visitors to Twitter from 7.5 million to 75 million per month (wow!). Read more…


6. Clickbait Content Shared Less Often Than Non-Clickbait Content

describe the image

Photo courtesy of SocialTimes

Clickbait headlines may not actually be the way to go in creating shareable content, given new research showing that clickbait links generate less than half the retweets that non-clickbait posts generate. Read more…


Social News Roundup | September 10, 2014


1. The US Makes Up 41.5% of All Twitter Mention


A study from Mention found that the US makes up 41.5% of all Twitter mentions, followed by the UK with 9.7% and France with 5.4%. Read more… 

2. Facebook Hits 100 Million Users In Africa

FB Mobile2

Facebook now has 100 million users in Africa, which is half of all Internet users in Africa. Read more…

3. YouTube Ads Have Higher Conversion Rates Than Any Other Social Network

Social Networks

Compared to other social media networks, YouTube performs the best at influencing consumers purchasing decisions. Read more…

4. Facebook Videos Now Include a View Count

FB view count

Facebook is rolling out a view count feature for uploaded videos on the social network. Read more…

5. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Videos Hits 1 Billion Views on YouTube

Ice challenge

YouTube videos relating to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge have reached 1 billion views. Compared to 2013’s Harlem Shake video, videos relating to ALS Ice Bucket Challenge have double the uploads and three times as many views. Read more…

6. DiGiorno Apologizes For Misusing Hashtag #WhyIStayed

Digiorno tweet

DiGiorno apologizes for misusing the hashtag #WhyIStayed, a hashtag dedicated to drawing awareness for domestic violence. Read more…

Social News Roundup | September 3, 2014


1. Twitter Revamps Their Sign-Up Process

New Twitter Sign Up Page

Twitter has revamped its sign-up process for new users to help them get immediate value out of the social network. Read more… 

2. Facebook Tests New Mobile Search Feature for Old Posts

Facebook Mobile Search

Facebook is testing a new search feature that allows mobile users to find old posts that were shared with them using keywords. Read more…

3. Instagram Is the Most Important Social Network for Teens

Instagram Teens

Instagram is now the most important social platform for teenagers, ahead of Facebook and Twitter. Read more…

4. Netflix Subscribers Can Choose What They Want to Share On Facebook

Netflix Facebook

Netflix is giving their subscribers more control over what they want to share over Facebook, which includes recommending videos to friends. Read more…

5. YouTube Reaches More 18 to 24 Year Olds Than Any Cable Network


YouTube reaches more 18 to 24 year olds than any other cable network. Millennials consume more content on YouTube than ESPN, Hulu and even Facebook. Read more…

6. Fortune 500 Companies Focuses On Social Media Over Corporate Blogs

Fortune 500 Social Media

Fortune 500 companies are leveraging social media more compared to blogging. Research from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Marketing have found that in 2014, 31% of the studied companies who have corporate blogs showed a 3% decrease in blogging in the past year. Read more…

Social News Roundup | August 8, 14


1. Embedded Tweets Now Available on

Embedded Tweet

On, users can now embed tweets within another tweet. Read more…  

2. Facebook’s Ad Improvements are Driving Their Revenue Growth

Facebook Ads2

Facebook’s strong Q2 earnings are driven by new initiatives that include improving the quality and relevancy of ads and new tools like ad preferences or interest-based ads. Read more… 

3. Twitter Lets Advertisers Buy Against Campaign Goals


Twitter has released a new tool for advertisers that lets them manage their campaigns based on goals such as driving web traffic, app installs or increasing followers. Read more…

4. YouTube Acquires Video-Editing Startup Directr


YouTube acquires Directr, a mobile application that allows users to create movies from a mobile device. Read more… 

5. 13 Year-Old Came Up With an Anti-Cyber-Bullying Tool

Cyber Bullying

13 year-old Trisha Prabhu has come up with a cyber-bullying tool called Rethink, which would filter messages that may be hurtful to others and ask posters to rethink the contents of their messages. Read more…


Social News Roundup | May 28, 2014



1. Yahoo Set to Launch a YouTube Competitor This Summer

 Yahoo resized 600

This summer Yahoo plans to launch a video service that can directly compete with Google’s. Similar to YouTube, Yahoo’s new service will allow users to create their own channel pages and embed their videos on other sites.  Read more...

2. Facebook Makes Explicit/Implicit Third Party App Changes to Edge Rank


Because explicitly shared stories receive more engagement in News Feed over implicit ones, Facebook will prioritize explicitly shared stories from apps in News Feed in the coming months. Read more…

    3. Soccer Fans Offered Real-Time  World Cup Translation Coverage via Twitter

     World Cup

    Because the World Cup attracts spectators from all over the world, One Hour Translation is offering real-time translation services via Twitter to better help people understand any and all coverage of the World Cup. Read more…

     4. YouTubers Will Get a Cut of the Ad Revenue For Positing Clips of Nintendo Games

       Super Mario

      Video creators can now receive a profit from videos that utilize clips of Nintendo games. Read more…

      5. Omnicom Lands a $230 million Mobile Ad Deal with Twitter


      Omnicom signs a $230 million mobile ad deal with Twitter that allows Omnicom to integrate their automated ad buying unit Accuen with Twitter’s MoPub mobile ad exchange. Not only will the deal allow Omnicom a “first look” at Twitter’s new ad units, but the deal also reflects positive business momentum for Twitter. Read more…

      6. Women Poised to Excel in One of Tech's Most Powerful Roles


      These days, thousands of women hold marketing roles in both technology and non-technology companies with the objective of driving revenue and creating customer intimacy. Many of these women are prepared to succeed in a new role called the Chief Marketing Technology Officer, or CMTO. Read more…


      2014 Super Bowl Commercials


      Which of the 2014 Super Bowl ads are boom and which are bust? Watch them all and vote for your favorite! 

      Google is Changing the World…


      Google I/O 13, Google’s annual developer conference, happened last week, and I had the fortune of following a few great people on Google+ through their experiences at the conference. There was a lot of talk about Glass and the new Google+ format, both of which I have experienced vicariously through a few people on YouTube. The really interesting part about I/O was the overarching theme of what Google is doing.

      Jeremiah Owyang sums it up best in his post about the key trends at I/O:

      Google products are being enhanced and interconnected, with no new products added.
      Google is virtually replicating planet earth, but “improving” the quality.
      Google knows what and who you love as we trade convenience for our data. 

      It’s all true! Google didn’t make any big product announcements at this year’s I/O—they took care of that with Google Glass a month ago. Instead, they made major improvements to all their products.

      Google Maps: It’s now better than ever. The improved Google Maps suggests related places and integrates friend’s social information into your map searches. It has a new interface as well, making the map more prominent on the page. Google also combined Google Earth into the maps so you can get the 3D experience on your browser.

      YouTube: A new channel layout was announced a few weeks back and is now becoming official for all users. This update makes content discovery on any channel easier.

      Search Improvements: With the implementation of Google+, Google search results now include your social graph results as well. Google uses your data to generate better suggestions across all searches, including Maps, YouTube and Images. 

      So what are the business implications of these changes? Well, if your business is not on Google+ yet, and you’re not +1’ing your own content, you’re missing out on great SEO advantages. If you have a retail business or a restaurant, don’t forget to also include our business in Maps and promote reviews on the platform. Google is still the reigning search engine, and all that data generated by other Google users will help your search positioning and discoverability.

      The future looks bright for Google and Android users alike. The company is using big data in all the right ways to create better a user experience and opportunities for businesses to promote themselves.


      What We Can Learn From the Health and Fitness Industry


      Social media has provided brands, regardless of industry or size, the opportunity to connect directly with their community of supporters. The brands that are most successful on social provide relevant, engaging content to their fans, rather than exclusively talking about themselves. Twitter hosts countless customer service interactions, YouTube often showcases internal culture, and blog comment sections allow brands to garner and digest immediate feedback. In each of these instances, the focus is on listening to the customer and turning social media into a two-way conversation, not a highway billboard. While there are many examples to choose from, the health and fitness industry has done an especially great job, using their social channels to listen to their customers and tap into their lifestyles.

      Here are a few examples:ViSalus community


      ViSalus has turned their Instagram channel into a platform that fans can visit for weight loss motivation and encouragement. They share recipes, boast member before-and-after photos, and showcase the healthy, happy members of their community. They also regularly show off the gym in their corporate office, demonstrating that the ViSalus team is truly committed to health and fitness.


      Weight Watchers

      Weight Watchers PinterestWeight Watchers is doing a great job on Pinterest, a channel that often gets the little-brother treatment. Rather than focusing exclusively on product, they have made an effort to make their pins useful to their customers. By filling their Pinterest page with healthy recipes and motivational boards like “Words to Live By,” the brand is a helpful resource and acts like a loyal friend to their customers. And Weight Watchers didn’t simply set up their page and forget about it; they actively drive traffic to their Pinterest page through their Facebook posts.


      Whole Foods


      Whole Foods

      Whole Foods consistently does a great job of nurturing brand loyalty and trust. They listen closely to what matters to their community and adjust accordingly. With over 5,000,000 YouTube views, they use the channel as a vehicle for transparency and communication, by directly telling their customers what they're doing and why they’re doing it.

      These brands are each making the most of their social channels by creating content that is relevant to their customers’ lifestyles and providing useful services. They successfully demonstrate just how critical transparency, authenticity and connection are for brands today.

      Google’s April Fools Giggles


      Google took full advantage of April Fools this year with almost every major app having a great gag.

      First is Google Nose, where search integrates with 15 million “scentabytes.” You can even smell “success!”

      Althought Google Nose didn’t offer any real functionality; a personal favorite at Renegade is Google Treasure Maps. Where together we can discover the clues to a great treasure! It actually has a setting that will change your Google Maps to the treasure map mode.

      Google+ had an emoticon layer you can add to photos. This actually works! Any photo you own and have uploaded to G+ will have a button where you can click to enable the emoticon.


      Screen Shot 2013 04 01 at 6.01.26 PM resized 600

      Google Schmick is an Australian Google Street View app that helps you spruce up your house. Now you can give your house a lick of fresh paint for free on Street View with Google SCHMICK (Simple Complete House Makeover Internet Conversion Kit). 

      Gmail Blue is the great of all inventions! Transform your Gmail inbox into the deepest blues of blues. Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to actually be an option.

      For those office proficiency geeks, Google launched the “Levity Algorithm” to help make your appointments and documents more exciting! (no iteration of this is really available)

      YouTube was by far the best April Fools with the greatest collaboration of pranksters!

      Stay tuned tomorrow when Renegade explores pranks from all over the web! 

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