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Social Media’s Positive Impact – Vancouver Riot Cleanup 2011


On the evening of June 15, the Boston Bruins defeated the Vancouver Canucks and were crowned champions of the hockey world. Following their heartbreaking loss, the city of Vancouver broke out in chaos. As the night progressed, the rioting worsened and people became more violent. Things got so bad that rioters lit cars on fire, smashed windows, and even attacked police officers who were desperately trying to suppress the madness.

The very next day, a Facebook event, “Post Riot Clean-up - Let's help Vancouver”, was created in response to the previous night’s pandemonium. Amazingly, in 24 hours, nearly 17 thousand people accepted the event’s invitation, with hundreds posting their support to the event’s wall and urging others to help out. 

This is a great example of how social media can make a positive impact in society. Kudos to the event’s creator, Smitty Smith, and all those who supported the cause!

        - Zach Prager

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