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Social News Roundup | August 20, 2014


1. Facebook Is Testing “Stickers” In Comments 

Facebook Stickers

Facebook is testing a new feature that allows users to add stickers when posting comments. Read more…

2. Twitter’s New Experiment Includes Favorites On Timeline


Twitter is experimenting with a new feature that shows favorited tweets on users’ timelines. Read more…

3. Snapchat Plans to Display Ads, TV & Movie Clips and News Articles


This fall, Snapchat plans to launch a service called Snapchat Discovery to display content that includes ads, TV and movie clips and news articles. Read more…

4. Twitter to Remove Images of Deceased Upon Family’s Request


Upon the request of family members, Twitter will remove images and videos of the deceased. Read more…

5. Study Shows that 99% of All Organic Posts Get Almost No Engagement

social posts engagement 99

A study from SocialFlow has found that 99% of organic social posts across Twitter, Facebook and Google+ create little to no engagement at all. Read more…

6. Burger King Brings Back Chicken Fries With Social Media Success

chicken fries

Since launching #chickenfriesareback, Burger King has averaged 380 tweets per minute while generating 150,000 total social media mentions in the campaign’s first 72 hours. Read more…

Social News Roundup | August 15, 2014


1. Facebook Releases Cross-Device Reporting for Ads

Facebook mobile ad

Facebook launches a new cross-device reporting feature that allows advertisers to see where a consumer saw an ad, the device they used and then the device they used to buy the product. Read more…

2. Pinterest Adds Vevo Music Videos to its Site

TwitterTrendsUK 730x373

Pinterest partnered with Vevo,allowing users to search for, share and watch Vevo videos on Pinterest itself. Read more…

3. Twitter Launches Data Visualization Tool For Commonly Tweeted Topics in the UK

describe the image

Twitter has launched a data visualization tool in the UK that shows exactly where, when and how often people interact when talking about certain topics. Read more…

4. Facebook Closes Acquisition Deal With Video Ad Tech Startup, LiveRail

Facebook LiveRail

Facebook’s acquisition deal with LiveRail is now closed. The video ad tech start-up could help Facebook better target the video ads it runs in the News Feed, and Facebook can help LiveRail with its own targeting of video ads across the web and mobile apps. Read more…

5. Twitter Adds New Features For Verified Users

twitter verified tick

Twitter added two new features for verified users. Verified users can now receive notifications when another verified user follows them, as well as the option to filter their followers so only verified users are visible on iOS. Read more…

6. Flipboard Is Introducing Video Ads in September With Chanel as an Initial Advertiser


Social reading service Flipboard will introduce video advertisements in September, and fashion brand Chanel is confirmed as an initial advertiser. Read more…

Social News Roundup | August 13, 2014


1. Pinterest Adds Messaging Feature

Pinterest Messaging

Pinterest now offers a chat feature designed for group messaging. The messaging feature is meant to encourage collaboration and discussion on the site. Read more…

2. Snapchat Is the Third Most Popular Social App Among Millennials

Millennials Mobile

According to a recent report by comScore, Snapchat is now the third most popular social app among millennials. Read more…

3. Twitter Launches Promoted Video

Twitter Promoted Video

Although the new feature is still in beta testing mode, Twitter has launched Promoted Video, which allows marketers to upload and distribute video content on Twitter. Read more…

4. Facebook Offers Can Influence Purchasing Decisions [Study]

Facebook Mobile2

Facebook offers have proven to be quite successful for local businesses. In a study by G/O Digital, 84% of those polled said that they believe offers or deals on Facebook are important to their in-store purchasing decision. Read more…

5. Australian Dominos Franchise Relying on Social Media and Web For 60% of Sales




Dominos Pizza

60 percent of total annual sales for Australia’s Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Ltd were through orders via social media, apps and its websites. Read more…

Social News Roundup | August 8, 14


1. Embedded Tweets Now Available on

Embedded Tweet

On, users can now embed tweets within another tweet. Read more…  

2. Facebook’s Ad Improvements are Driving Their Revenue Growth

Facebook Ads2

Facebook’s strong Q2 earnings are driven by new initiatives that include improving the quality and relevancy of ads and new tools like ad preferences or interest-based ads. Read more… 

3. Twitter Lets Advertisers Buy Against Campaign Goals


Twitter has released a new tool for advertisers that lets them manage their campaigns based on goals such as driving web traffic, app installs or increasing followers. Read more…

4. YouTube Acquires Video-Editing Startup Directr


YouTube acquires Directr, a mobile application that allows users to create movies from a mobile device. Read more… 

5. 13 Year-Old Came Up With an Anti-Cyber-Bullying Tool

Cyber Bullying

13 year-old Trisha Prabhu has come up with a cyber-bullying tool called Rethink, which would filter messages that may be hurtful to others and ask posters to rethink the contents of their messages. Read more…


Social News Roundup | August 6, 2014


1. Schedule Instagram Posts with ScheduGram


ScheduGram allows users to pre-schedule Instagram posts and manage multiple Instagram accounts through one interface. Read more… 

2. Twitter Partners With Puma to Test “Flock to Unlock” Advertising Program

Flock of Birds

Twitter has partnered with Puma to launch a new advertising program, “Flock to Unlock.” The idea behind the program is that a deal will be “unlocked” only when a certain number of followers retweet a particular message. Read more… 

3. Facebook Adds Ad Scheduling to Power Editor

Power Editor

Facebook added a new feature to its Power Editor that gives advertisers who use lifetime budgets the ability to schedule hours during which their ads should or should not run. Read more… 

4. Twitter Tests Showing Tweets From People Your Friends Follow 


Twitter’s latest test involves showing tweets to users from accounts their friends follow. Read more…

5. Nielsen Data: Mobile Devices and Social Networks Are Making TV Better

Watching TV

Social media is changing the way we learn about TV shows and how we watch them. Not only does it affect the consumer experience, but it also has proven to be a valuable source for advertisers to tap into social conversations. Read more… 

6. Google to Recognize Emails That Use Special Characters

Gmail updates

Google has become the first email provider to allow people to create email addresses using letters with accent marks and characters outside the Latin alphabet. Read more…

Social News Roundup | August 1, 2014


1. Snapchat Valued at $10 Billion


Despite the fact that Snapchat never has made any revenue, the company is valued at $10 billion. Read more… 

2. Facebook’s Project Launches In Zambia

Facebook continues to bring the Internet to those who are not yet online by expanding their project to Zambia. Read more… 

3. Twitter Experimenting With New Hashtag Feature

Twitter Hashtag

Twitter is experimenting with a new feature that would help teach users the context behind trending hashtags. Read more… 

4. Snapchat For Adults: Confide


Geared towards professionals, Confide is a new messaging app that offers encrypted texts that disappear. Read more… 

5. Social Sharing Makes Events Seem More Real

Social Sharing

Sharing news on social media enhances an event’s emotional tone and impact. Sharing positive life events makes you happier and sharing negative news makes it “more real.” Read more…

Social News Roundup | July 23, 2014


1. Pinterest Ranks High In Customer Satisfaction


When it comes to user satisfaction, Pinterest ranks as the top social media site. Read more…

2. Twitter Is Making Improvements to Direct Messages

Twitter Mobile2

Twitter plans to update its iPhone and Android app by allowing users to access their entire direct message history on mobile. Read more… 

3. Social Campaign Promotes Boys Wearing Pink

Boys Wear Pink

A new social campaign is working to show support for boys who wear pink to promote acceptance and individual expression. Read more… 

4. Facebook Rolls Out “Save” Feature

FB Save Feature

Over the next few days, Facebook will unveil a new save feature for all users via the Web, iOS and Android. Saved items are listed by category, and users can swipe right on each item to share it or move it to an archived list. Read more… 

5. 55% of Couples Used a Hashtag During Their Wedding


More than half of newlyweds (55%) used a hashtag during their wedding, and 28% updated their Facebook status within hours of tying the knot. Read more…

6. LinkedIn Acquires B2B Marketing Platform Bizo for $175 million  

LinkedIn Bizo

LinkedIn has acquired Bizo, a marketing platform that helps B2B marketers increase their reach across the web. Read more… 

7. mCouple Keeps Track of Your Loved One’s Smartphone Activity 


The mobile app mCouple gives users access to their significant others’ location, Facebook and text messages, photos, videos, Skype activity and even voice conversations. Mutual consent is a requirement for downloading the app onto another person’s phone. Read more…






Social News Roundup | July 18, 2014


1. Twitter Tells Marketers to Focus On Everyday Moments

Everyday Moments

Major events such as the World Cup provide great ways for brands to connect with consumers, but once those events are over, consumers have since moved on. For other content opportunities, marketers should focus on “Everyday Moments” to spark daily conversation and engage users with the right message. Read more… 

2. Facebook Tests Buy Button

FB Buy Button

Facebook is testing a new feature where people on desktop or mobile can click a “Buy” button on ads and page posts. Users can purchase a product directly from a business without having to leave the social networking site. Read more… 

3. Twitter Shuts Down APIs That Allow People To See the Number of Active Twitter Users


Twitter has shut down multiple developers for accessing its API to report the size of their user base. Read more… 

4. Facebook Offers Free Wi-Fi to High School Students 


As part of a pilot program, Facebook is offering free Wi-Fi to high school students. Read more… 

5. There’s a Movement by Vine Users to Call Out Trolls

Vine Trolls

People who stir up trouble and irritate others across the web are labeled trolls, and victims of trolling on Vine are striking back. Viners aren’t afraid to ask the Vine community to report users and will go so far as to call out trolls in their very own videos. Read more…

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Social News Roundup | July 16, 2014


1. Twitter Releases Improved Dashboard Data

Twitter Dashboard

The new and improved Twitter analytics dashboard now includes detailed data on the performance of organic tweets. Read more…

2. LinkedIn Acquires Newsle, A Google Alerts Style Network

LinkedIn Newsle

LinkedIn has acquired a service called Newsle that allows users to import their Facebook and LinkedIn contacts and receive alerts whenever a friend or contact is mentioned on the web. Read more…

3. Political Facebook Pages Go Against the Trend of Slashed Facebook Organic Reach

Political Facebook Pages

Although many Facebook pages have seen their organic reach decline in recent months, political pages from both sides of the political spectrum have seen success. Read more…  

4. Study: LinkedIn Enables Brands to Connect With a Premium Audience

LinkedIn Consumers

According to the 2014 Trends and Benchmarks Report from the Content Marketing Institute, LinkedIn members are willing to pay more and have more purchasing power, are heavily influenced by their professional networks and would be more interested in a product if it was shared by someone in their network. Read more…

5. Google Drops All Real-Name Restrictions for Google+ and Approves All Pending Requests


Google has finally dropped the real-name restriction on their social network. Now anyone can choose to use a pseudonym on Google+. Read more… 

6. Adidas Scores Big In Sales and Social Media During The World Cup


During the World Cup, Adidas experienced significant jersey sales growth and celebrated the social media success and sales of the brazuca, the official FIFA World Cup ball. Read more…

Social News Roundup | July 9, 2014


1. LinkedIn Is Gaining Two New Members Every Second, Every Day 

LinkedIn Mobile

Some fascinating facts about LinkedIn:

  • LinkedIn adds two new members every second of every day.

  • 1.5 million users look for jobs on the site every day through mobile devices.

  • By the end of 2014, more than 50% of LinkedIn users will be mobile users.

Read more…

2. Facebook is Testing Redesigned Events Pages

Facebook Events Pages

Facebook is testing a new events page feature called “Events for You,” which includes recommendations for public events that are based on information users have shared on Facebook. Read more…

3. Interesting Twitter Data Visualizing the World Cup Shootouts

Penalty Shoot Out

When there are penalty shootouts during the World Cup games, Twitter activity dramatically drops. Read more…

4. Brazil’s Defeat to Germany at the World Cup is the Most Tweeted Sporting Event Ever

Twitter World Cup Stat

Germany defeated Brazil 7-1 in the World Cup semi-final match, and in the process generated 35.6 million tweets. The match breaks the previous record of 16.4 million tweets posted during the Brazil-Chile match. Read more…

5. Facebook Wants Advertisers to Install Conversion Pixels

Facebook Conversion Pixel

Facebook wants advertisers to install conversion pixels, which would enable users to measure outcomes such as click-throughs and purchases. Read more…

6. UK Warns Social Media Users About False Allegations Against Politician and Celebrities

Celebrity Social Media

Social media users in the UK were warned about posting false allegations against public figures, as doing so can prejudice prosecutions and expose them to defamation proceedings. Read more…

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