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Social News Roundup | October 15,2014


1.  Social network campaigning


A new study by the Facebook Data Science Team reveals what politicians are talking about and what issues are dominating the landscape during midterm elections. Read more...


2.  Word games

social media apps 2014

Using the correct word when creating content can generate more likes, shares and retweets. Which words made the cut? Read more…


3.  The Huffington Post reigns supreme!


With more than 9.4 million shares, The Huffington Post is the most shared publication on Facebook. Read more…


4.  Facebook and sports fans, a match made in social media heaven.

9 social networks for sports fans 2615ba2dc3

When it comes to sports talk, Facebook wins with 75% of respondents saying they use the platform to connect with other fans. Twitter took 37%. Read more…


5.  Trends impacting marketing to millennial mothers.

millennial mom shutterstock 188

Marketers are focusing on millennial moms, with an estimate of $170 billion in purchase power. Read more…


6.  Marketers retargeting, spending more.

twitter retargeting

A new study shows that 48% of marketers are using social media for retargeting purposes, 67.1% of respondents intend to spend more. Read more…


7.  Millennial travel plans

twitter paper plane

Recent studies reveal that 44% of Millennials use Facebook and Twitter for travel planning. Read more…


8.  Tweeting ‘Dead’

twd amc

AMC’s original series, The Walking Dead, sets Twitter records during its season five premiere, generating more than 1.3 million tweets. Read more…


9.  How I met my social media friend.

twitter facebook

According to a new study, one in three British teens, ages 15-18, have met their social media friend, 25% say they are happier on social than real life. Read more…

Politics & Social Media


Republican Party

As of right now, a Republican presidential debate is set to take place on July 20th. Just like everyone would expect, the event will include most of the major Republican candidates. At first glance, this debate appears to be like every other that will transpire over the next year leading up the 2012 presidential election. For all intents and purposes, it is a normal Republican debate…right…?

Well, sort of. The July 20th debate will take place via Twitter. Now you may be wondering how a debate can be possibly be done through a social networking website. In order to make this work, the company 140 Dev, LLC has developed an online debate platform. This website,, will display tweets by the debaters, the moderator, and the general public. With Twitter, users will be able to interact with the candidates in a way that has never been possible.

Any interested Twitter users out there? Tune in on July 20th and become part of the conversation!

- Zach Prager

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