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PS3 Worth Its Weight In Gold – Thanks, Ebay!


$30,000.  A pretty good pay day for a few hours of work.  The job?  Camp outside Best Buy the night before Sony’s Playstation 3 is released, buy the system (if you’re lucky) and hock it on Ebay.

Today, November 17th, 2006, is the day of the PS3.  It’s also the pay day many people have been waiting for.  You see, for some time now people have not been buying video game systems on ‘launch day’ for personal use, but for the sole purpose of re-selling them on Ebay.  It started with the Playstation 2 over six years ago and today a new record has been set. 

This morning, a PS3 sold for over $30,000 on Ebay.  The retail price of this gaming system is $599. Lucky day for the seller. Can I say the same for the buyer?  What drives consumers to such madness?  Ebay has once again proven they are the definitive hype-meter for what is hot in the Holiday season.

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