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Social News Roundup | August 14, 2015


1. “Boxes” Redesigns Organization: A Discovery Platform for Belongings

Screen Shot 2015 08 14 at 11.57.58 AM resized 600

Photo courtesy of Social Times

A new app named “Boxes” is designed to help users organize their personal belongings, as well as have the option to share them with or sell them to others. Check out the new app here.


2. Instagram Tops Snapchat and Vine in Satisfaction and Buzz (Report)

Screen Shot 2015 08 14 at 11.57.14 AM resized 600

Photo courtesy of SocialTimes

In a survey of 2,100 adults, Instagram topped Snapchat and Vine in both buzz and satisfaction ratings. Discover the full details of the findings here.


3. LinkedIn Dos and Don’ts for Business [Infographic]

Screen Shot 2015 08 14 at 11.56.11 AM resized 600

Photo courtesy of Social Media Today

Your business can attract potential customers and employees by having a polished LinkedIn profile. Advice for a professional profile, such as using simple language, can be viewed in this infographic.


4. How Can You Do Data Better?

 shutterstock 229746004 resized 600

Photo courtesy of SocialTimes                     

With the seemingly endless amount of data to which companies now have access, many have a hard time identifying the most important trends for their specific business objectives. Companies can use data more effectively by first figuring out what they need to learn. See how you can tackle big data in this article by SocialTimes.


5. Report: Digital Natives Do Everything From Mobile Devices

 millennial smartphones refule resized 600

Photo courtesy of SocialTimes

Early adopters — millenialls — spend an average of 17.3 hours using technology per day, with the majority of that time being spent on smartphones. See the full results of the study by Refuel Agency here.


Social News Roundup | December 12, 2014


1) A look back on Social Media in 2014

LookBackOn2104 1212

Photo Courtesy of Media Bistro

You may be surprised which 2014 marketing predictions came true, and which ones didn’t. Find out here.

Facebook and YouTube released their ‘2014 Year in Review’ videos this week where they highlighted some of the most-discussed topics and viral videos of the year. 


2) Facebook introduces Call-to-Action Buttons

FBCallToAction 1212

Photo Courtesy of All Facebook

The seven calls to action that will be available include: Book Now, Contact Us, Use App, Play Game, Shop Now, Sign Up and Watch Video. Read more...


3) Twitter releases tailored audiences for their mobile apps


Photo Courtesy of Media Bistro

The purpose of the product is to help users “drive the highest possible ROI in app install and app engagement campaigns” as stated by Kelton Lynn, Group Product Maneger at Twitter. Read more...


4) LinkedIn slowly rolling out a new design for users

LinkedIn 1212

Photo Courtesy of Social Times

The redesigned homepage features an updated dashboard, a “Keep in Touch” box as well as an area designated for the site’s publishing platform, LinkedIn Pulse. Read more...


5) Facebook gets Trendier

FbTrending 1212

Photo Courtesy of Media Post

Facebook adds a live feed and other features to the Trending section on their page. Read more...


6) Instagram surpasses Twitter in number of users

IG300followers 1212

Photo Credit Social Times

This week Instagram hit a milestone and reached 300 million followers vs. Twitter’s 284 million. Read more...

Social News Roundup | September 24, 2014


1. To Compete with Google, Facebook Will Unveil a New Advertising Platform

Facebook Ad Platform

Facebook will soon unveil a new advertising platform called “Atlas” to improve the way that marketers target users. Read more… 

2. Tips to Help Your Twitter Search

Twitter Search

Did you know that Twitter’s search tool allows you to search for specific tweets and phrases? For example, if you want to search for a specific phrase, put it in quotes. For more tips to help your Twitter search, read more. Read more…

3. Instagram Releases Ads in the UK

Instagram Ads

Instagram is bringing ads to the UK, and the ads seen will be based on the people users follow and the content they like on Facebook and Instagram. Read more…

4. Live Tweeting During TV Shows Can Improve Follower Growth

Twitter Tv

Live tweeting during TV programming can help drive new followers. Follower growth for comedy and sci-fi shows can be improved by 408 percent if several members of a cast live-tweet together, and reality programming can experience a 229 percent lift if a host live-tweets during the program. Read more…

5. Local News Readers Share More Content on Social Media


People who read local news are more likely to share stories on social media than those who prefer national news sources. Read more…

6. BeLinked Is Tinder For LinkedIn


BeLinked is a new dating app that strives to make quality matches through the LinkedIn network. Read more…

Social News Roundup | August 22, 2014


1. LinkedIn’s Slideshare Is Free For Everyone to Use


LinkedIn’s Slideshare is now completely free to use. Premium features that will be free to use include profile customization, private uploads and analytics features. Read more… 

2. Vine Finally Lets You Import Videos

Vine logo

Vine finally allows users to import existing videos from their mobile devices and gives users the option to edit them. Read more…

3. Facebook Releases Analytics For App Links

Facebook App Links

Facebook is releasing analytics for App Links. With the analytics tools, developers can see when they send someone to another app, when a user has arrived at their app from an App Link and when someone returns to their app from another app. Read more…

4. Instagram Rolls Out Advertising Tools


To help advertisers gauge the success of their campaigns, Instagram is rolling out tools that include account and ad insights. Read more…

5. Facebook Launching “Q&A Box” For Emmy Red Carpet


facebook mentions box2

Facebook will debut the “Facebook Mentions Box” at the Emmys. The interactive device allows celebrities to answer questions submitted by fans. Read more…

Social News Roundup | July 30, 2014


1. Facebook Is Forcing Users to Use Messenger App

Facebook Messenger App

Users will soon be required to use Facebook’s Messenger app in order to chat directly with their Facebook friends on mobile devices. Read more… 

2. LinkedIn’s Mobile App Gets a New Profile Look

LinkedIn Mobile App

LinkedIn revamped its mobile app by displaying more relevant information on user’s profiles based on how much time users have to use the app. Read more… 

3. Facebook Shuts Down Gifts Service

Facebook Gifts

Facebook is retiring its Gifts service and refocusing their efforts on helping businesses and developers drive sales on the web, mobile and directly on Facebook. Read more…  

4. Instagram Releases New Messaging App, Bolt, for iOS and Android

Bolt Instagram

Instagram has unveiled Bolt – a “one-tap” messaging app for iOS and Android that allows users to send their friends a photo or video that disappears once it’s been read. For now, Bolt is only available in New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa. Read more… 

5. eMarketer Poll: Email More Effective Than Social Media, SEO and Content Marketing


In a report by Gigaom, 56% of respondents said that email was their most effective digital strategy for customer retention. 37% of the respondents cited social media, and 32% rated content marketing as the most effective. Read more… 

6. Vocalist Emeli Sande Asks Fans on Social Media for Help on Her Next Song

Emeli Sande

To find inspiration for her next song, Emeli Sande is turning to her fans on social media. Read more… 

7. OK Cupid Admits to Manipulating Its Social Network for Social Experiments

Online Dating

OK Cupid admits to manipulating customer data to see how users of its dating service would react to one another. Read more…  

Social News Roundup | July 23, 2014


1. Pinterest Ranks High In Customer Satisfaction


When it comes to user satisfaction, Pinterest ranks as the top social media site. Read more…

2. Twitter Is Making Improvements to Direct Messages

Twitter Mobile2

Twitter plans to update its iPhone and Android app by allowing users to access their entire direct message history on mobile. Read more… 

3. Social Campaign Promotes Boys Wearing Pink

Boys Wear Pink

A new social campaign is working to show support for boys who wear pink to promote acceptance and individual expression. Read more… 

4. Facebook Rolls Out “Save” Feature

FB Save Feature

Over the next few days, Facebook will unveil a new save feature for all users via the Web, iOS and Android. Saved items are listed by category, and users can swipe right on each item to share it or move it to an archived list. Read more… 

5. 55% of Couples Used a Hashtag During Their Wedding


More than half of newlyweds (55%) used a hashtag during their wedding, and 28% updated their Facebook status within hours of tying the knot. Read more…

6. LinkedIn Acquires B2B Marketing Platform Bizo for $175 million  

LinkedIn Bizo

LinkedIn has acquired Bizo, a marketing platform that helps B2B marketers increase their reach across the web. Read more… 

7. mCouple Keeps Track of Your Loved One’s Smartphone Activity 


The mobile app mCouple gives users access to their significant others’ location, Facebook and text messages, photos, videos, Skype activity and even voice conversations. Mutual consent is a requirement for downloading the app onto another person’s phone. Read more…






Social News Roundup | July 16, 2014


1. Twitter Releases Improved Dashboard Data

Twitter Dashboard

The new and improved Twitter analytics dashboard now includes detailed data on the performance of organic tweets. Read more…

2. LinkedIn Acquires Newsle, A Google Alerts Style Network

LinkedIn Newsle

LinkedIn has acquired a service called Newsle that allows users to import their Facebook and LinkedIn contacts and receive alerts whenever a friend or contact is mentioned on the web. Read more…

3. Political Facebook Pages Go Against the Trend of Slashed Facebook Organic Reach

Political Facebook Pages

Although many Facebook pages have seen their organic reach decline in recent months, political pages from both sides of the political spectrum have seen success. Read more…  

4. Study: LinkedIn Enables Brands to Connect With a Premium Audience

LinkedIn Consumers

According to the 2014 Trends and Benchmarks Report from the Content Marketing Institute, LinkedIn members are willing to pay more and have more purchasing power, are heavily influenced by their professional networks and would be more interested in a product if it was shared by someone in their network. Read more…

5. Google Drops All Real-Name Restrictions for Google+ and Approves All Pending Requests


Google has finally dropped the real-name restriction on their social network. Now anyone can choose to use a pseudonym on Google+. Read more… 

6. Adidas Scores Big In Sales and Social Media During The World Cup


During the World Cup, Adidas experienced significant jersey sales growth and celebrated the social media success and sales of the brazuca, the official FIFA World Cup ball. Read more…

Social News Roundup | July 11, 2014


1. The New Social Networking App Sobrr Erases Everything After 24 Hours


To encourage users to go out and live in the moment, photos and comments that are posted on the new social networking app Sobrr will expire after 24 hours. Read more… 

2. LinkedIn Replaces Contacts iOS App With Connected

LinkedIn Connected

To help strengthen professional relationships, LinkedIn replaced its Contacts app with Connected. Read more… 

3. Desktop App Ads to Allow Direct Sales of Virtual Goods On Facebook

FB App Ads2

Facebook announced an update that allows game developers to sell virtual goods through ads in Facebook’s News Feed or right-hand column ads. Read more…

4. BBC Is Launching a Facebook News Station in Thailand to Circumvent Military Censorship

describe the image

To overcome uncertainties around its news service in Thailand, the BBC is launching a Facebook news station that will feature Thai, regional and international news. Read more… 

5. Facebook Is Testing a New Recommendations Feature For Video Content

FB Video Recommendation Feature

Facebook is testing a new recommendations feature to help users find videos they may be interested in watching. Read more… 

6. You Can Now Embed Vine Videos On Tumblr


Tumblr now allows users to embed Vine videos on their Tumblr blog. Read more… 

7. Connect With Your Audience To Make Your Mark As a Photographer Online

To improve your social following as a photographer online, connect with your audience by storytelling, sharing photos as quickly as possible and finding creative ways to showcase your work. Read more… 

8. Vimeo’s New Platform Cameo Aims to Help the Discovery of Indie Musicians


A new update from the video-making app Cameo focuses on promoting artist discovery. Read more…

Social News Roundup | July 9, 2014


1. LinkedIn Is Gaining Two New Members Every Second, Every Day 

LinkedIn Mobile

Some fascinating facts about LinkedIn:

  • LinkedIn adds two new members every second of every day.

  • 1.5 million users look for jobs on the site every day through mobile devices.

  • By the end of 2014, more than 50% of LinkedIn users will be mobile users.

Read more…

2. Facebook is Testing Redesigned Events Pages

Facebook Events Pages

Facebook is testing a new events page feature called “Events for You,” which includes recommendations for public events that are based on information users have shared on Facebook. Read more…

3. Interesting Twitter Data Visualizing the World Cup Shootouts

Penalty Shoot Out

When there are penalty shootouts during the World Cup games, Twitter activity dramatically drops. Read more…

4. Brazil’s Defeat to Germany at the World Cup is the Most Tweeted Sporting Event Ever

Twitter World Cup Stat

Germany defeated Brazil 7-1 in the World Cup semi-final match, and in the process generated 35.6 million tweets. The match breaks the previous record of 16.4 million tweets posted during the Brazil-Chile match. Read more…

5. Facebook Wants Advertisers to Install Conversion Pixels

Facebook Conversion Pixel

Facebook wants advertisers to install conversion pixels, which would enable users to measure outcomes such as click-throughs and purchases. Read more…

6. UK Warns Social Media Users About False Allegations Against Politician and Celebrities

Celebrity Social Media

Social media users in the UK were warned about posting false allegations against public figures, as doing so can prejudice prosecutions and expose them to defamation proceedings. Read more…

Social News Roundup | June 20, 2014


1. Twitter to Acquire SnappyTV


To integrate the best video content into Twitter’s real-time conversation, Twitter announced plans to acquire SnappyTV. Read more…

2. MiTú, the YouTube Network for Latinos Raises $10 million

MiTú, a Latino-focused YouTube network has raised $10 million in funding. MiTú aggregates videos from 1,200 partners and attracts an audience that generates 400 million views a month. Read more…

3. LinkedIn Unveils a New Job Search App

LinkedIn App

LinkedIn unveiled a new job search app to help users find and apply for new jobs. The app includes job filters such as seniority level and industry location and also includes recommendations for positions based on previous job searches. Read more…

4. New ‘Yo’ App Pings Your Favorite Contacts
Yo App

A new app called Yo simply lets users say “yo” to their contacts. Read more…

5. The Case of Facebook Threats and Free Speech Heads to Supreme Court
Facebook Supreme Court

The question of whether or not online comments are protected as free speech will be up for debate by the Supreme Court. Read more…

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