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Klout Continues to Grow


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A previous post announced the integration of Foursquare into the Klout user influence score. The company has stayed pretty busy, and just announced that YouTube will also be integrated into the algorithm to determine a user’s online influence.

 The algorithm measures the comments, engagement, likes and subscriber counts on a user’s YouTube account to determine how much influence a given user has. That, combined with their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Foursquare information, gives a fairly comprehensive influence score.

This addition to the Klout formula may not mean much to individuals, but it can greatly affect the scores of bigger brands. Many brands have YouTube channels featuring commercials and promotions that require significant resources to create and maintain. Now, the large audiences they reach via this video channel can be measured along with their other social media presences.

Klout has had a wave of recent additions and upgrades with its integration of 3 new social networks and an impressive three rounds of funding. However, due to the nature of their business, we can expect more announcements like this from them in the near future. Next up, Google+?

-Laura Burns

The Social Influence Score



This week, Klout announced that the location based application Foursquare would now factor into their scores. Klout, the “Standard for Influence”, measures a user’s online influence based on connections and activity across Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Foursquare is a growing social network, and they recently made a deal with American Express to reward card holders when they check-in. Corporate partnerships aren’t the only measure of progress for Foursquare, however, as they just reached 10 million users, raised an additional $50 million, and implemented a new daily deals feature into their application.

It seems natural for Klout to include this network as a measurement of influence. The only problem: they have not figured out how. Accurately measuring the ripple effect of the check-in system and other features of the application are not easy to implement into the algorithm. Still, the company believes they will have a tested and perfected algorithm within the next few weeks. Klout has made it very clear that the inclusion of this network into scores is completely voluntary. Only when a user has added their Foursquare account to their Klout profile will any information be collected.

Foursquare integration is most likely the first of many networks to be included in the Klout algorithm. With the growth of social networks on the web, Klout should stay busy integrating the next big thing into their system.

-Laura Burns

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