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5 Useful New Features You Could Use in iOS 9 that You Couldn’t Use in iOS 8



The latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS9, was released yesterday, and it introduces a whole host of new updates. Want to know what’s different about this new edition? To help you navigate, I’ve rounded up 5 awesome tricks you probably didn't know about the new iOS 9. 

1.    Search the Setting

describe the image

Photo courtesy of MacRumor.

 iOS 9 makes finding obscure settings much easier by including a universal search function. Instead of having to browse through list after list of settings, you can simply search for exactly what you're looking for.  If you enter the search term ‘Location,’ all the setting options related to location will show up on a list, such as Location Services, Reset Location and Privacy, Location and Share My Location. 

 2.  Go Back-Button

 describe the image

Photo courtesy of MacRumor.

 Like any smart TV that allows you to flip back and forth between channels, the new apple back button allows you to switch between two apps.  If you receive a notification in an app and click through, a small button appears in the top left (replacing the network status) that, if pressed, takes you straight back to the previous app you were using.  

3. Information on Battery Drainage

 describe the image

Photo courtesy of FieldGuide.

Ever wondered why your battery drains so fast? This new setting can tell you exactly where your battery life is going. The iPhone now offers a break down of exactly what is using up the battery, and how much time your phone spends in use and on standby. As an additional bonus, Apple has thrown in a new “Low Power Mode,” which according to Tim Cook, “uses levers you’ve never heard of,” to reduce battery usage.  When Low Power Mode is enabled, background activity, motion effects, and animated wallpapers are all disabled. To take this a step further, battery information is also displayed in the Notification Center for your other personal iOS devices, like the Apple Watch.

4. Selfie and Screenshot Folder

 describe the image

Photo courtesy of MacRumor.

The new “Selfies” folder categorizes all pictures taken with the ‘front-facing’ camera, while the new “Screenshots” folder aggregates all photos taken by holding down the power button and the home button simultaneously. These new folders make it a lot easier to segregate the different types of photos taken from your phone. But that’s not all, iOS 9 also lets you hide more sensitive images from view as well. On the share menu you’ll find a handy new “Hide” option, which allows you to hide and unhide photos and videos.

 5. Wi-Fi Assist

describe the image 

Photo courtesy of FieldGuide.

Do you constantly have to switch between Wi-Fi and Data? The iPhone now has a setting that can do it for you! Wi-Fi Assist is a cool new feature for situations when your data connection is more reliable than your Wi-Fi. When enabled, the feature will automatically switch to cellular data when the Wi-Fi connection starts to weaken.

The iOS 9 updates just made life a whole lot easier! If you don’t own an iPhone yet – I suggest you go buy one now. Way to go Apple! 

This post was written by Renegade intern Ria Doshi. 

WWDC 2015: Software Updates, Apple Music and Drake


On Monday in San Francisco, Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference featured several software updates, app improvements and a subscription music service. Here’s the rundown in case you missed the live stream.

36 nightstand mode resized 600

Photo courtesy of TechCrunch

OS X El Capitan

Apple’s Mac software, OS X 10.11 will be released next Fall for free, with a public beta available this July. “El Capitan” will feature improvements to Spotlight, with the option to search using phrases like “Files I worked on in August.” Many OS X apps have been improved, like new swipe interactions for Mail, as well as the ability to mute all Safari tabs with one click. Following in PC’s footsteps, Apple has introduced window management, which allows you to snap applications to one side of the screen. For developers, Apple has introduced Swift 2, the second installation of their its new programming language and Metal API for graphics.

iOS 9

In iOS 9, Maps will include public transit directions and Apple Pay will now be called Wallet and is soon available across the UK. Goodbye Newsstand, hello News! News will let users select certain publications and topics to appear on the app. The News app will even suggest content based on what you tend to read. Siri is becoming more “proactive” (in this author's opinion, borderline creepy). Siri will now automatically add calendar events, use context to suggest songs for your morning run and be able to figure out an unknown number by searching through your email.

These functions extend to the iPad as well, in addition to a new split screen and picture-in-picture option that allows you to view video while still using other programs.

iOS 9 has been released for developers and will be free for the public in July. 

Watch OS 2

Apple Watch already has a new operating system, after just a few months on the market. Watch OS 2 will allow users to change the watch face, make FaceTime audio calls, use HealthKit, HomeKit, Maps, Wallet and play back video. Developers can now create native apps for the watch and the watch can receive WiFi. Apple developers have even made it so that we can Time Travel. Just kidding, but by turning the digital crown, complications on the watch will adjust and tell you calendar events, anticipated weather and more.

Apple Music

 drake wwdc 2015 apple billboard 650

Photo courtesy of Billboard

Arguably the most exciting announcement of the day was the revelation of Apple’s new music streaming service, Apple Music. Apple, and a very nervous Drake, discussed Music and its three components. Apple’s new service includes; a  24/7 live radio station in partnership with Beats 1. There will also be a music social network called Connect where upcoming artists can share their music and pictures. The third part of Apple Music compiles all of your existing iTunes and downloaded content with a catalog of over 30 million songs for both online and offline listening. Apple also announced that a staff of music experts will be responsible for created curated playlists based on your preferences and that there will be a “For You” section of suggested content. Apple music will be $9.99 a month, or $14.99 for families of up to six people.

What will Apple’s improvements mean for companies like Spotify and Flipboard? 

Many of Apple’s new features resemble apps that many of us already use. The News app is essentially Flipboard, while Apple Music combines SoundCloud, Spotify, Pandora and iTunes all into one platform. Will these companies be able to withstand the competition of multi-billion dollar Apple?

In the case of Spotify, much of the battle will be in which artists give exclusives to which service. While Spotify is already accessible in many places, including Uber, Apple Music is a streamlined way to access music. More here.

Social News Roundup | June 4, 2014


1. Apple Announces iOS 8

describe the image

Apple’s latest update offers a slew of new features that includes health metrics, predictive typing suggestions, and the option to search for photos by location. Read more…

2. Instagram Unveils New Photo Features

Instagram Filter

Instagram announced 10 new editing tools that include adjustments to contrast, brightness, saturation, and intensity. Read more…

3. Adding Value to Ads is Key to Acceptance for Pinterest Users

Pinterest Logo

As long as brands add value in their messaging, Pinterest users are OK with advertisements. Read more…

4. Myspace Entices Users to Return With Old Photos 


With the hopes of attracting former users to return to the site, Myspace is emailing users old photos of themselves to pique their curiosity. Read more

5. “Breaking Bad” Named Most Followed Series on Twitter

Breaking Bad

Between September 2013 and May 2014, “Breaking Bad” had the highest Twitter presence of any TV series. Other TV season highlights according to Twitter activity also includes the Super Bowl, the Grammys, and Ellen DeGeneres’ famous selfie. Read more…

6. The Vatican Cannot Ignore The Benefits of Social Media 


Despite the negative comments from social media users, the Vatican turns to social media for greater opportunities for evangelization. Read more…

7. You May Be Following a Socailbot [Study]


Researchers in Brazil created 120 socialbots to infiltrate Twitter and discovered that the bots not only escaped detection, but also became influential among different social groups. In addition, the study found that activity level is a big factor in accumulating more followers. Read more…

Apple Update Recap


Amid great anticipation, Apple executives introduced two new iPhone models and a new mobile operating system on Tuesday. Below is a recap of what we can expect from Apple’s new offerings.

The new iOS 7 includes an updated control center, notification center and multitasking view, as well as new ringtones and system alert sounds. Also new is AirDrop, which allows users to virtually exchange files with a nearby iPhone.

Of course, it’s the new iPhone models 5S and 5C that have generated the most buzz. The 5S comes in silver, space grey and gold—a new hue among Apple’s products. It also has a new A7 processor re-engineered for 64-bit architecture, allowing it to run more complex software, faster.

Apple iPhone 5s from

The new iPhone 5S (image courtesy

The 5S camera boasts an f/2.2 aperture for taking better photos in low light and a dual-LED flash for a more natural color balance. Panorama mode can capture a 28-megapixel shot, and the new burst mode can take ten still images in one second.

Perhaps the most novel feature of the 5S is its Home button-cum-fingerprint scanner, which can be used in place of a pass code and when signing into iTunes. Writer Brad Molen at Engadget found that this feature “made for a much faster and enjoyable experience” accessing the phone.

The iPhone 5C, on the other hand, is a budget-friendly alternative to the current 5, coming in at $100 less. One notable difference is its back panel, composed of polycarbonate in vibrant green, blue, pink, yellow or white.


The new iPhone 5C (image courtesy

Writes a blogger for TheVerge about the 5C: “It's an iPhone 5, only a lot thicker and a lot more plastic. And a lot more colorful.”

While a new Apple release usually stirs up widespread excitement, some have found the updates underwhelming. Reuters reports that investors are not particularly thrilled about the new products, and ReadWrite posits that some fans were hoping for more.

Do iOS 7 and iPhones 5S and 5C give consumers renewed impetus to line up and stay loyal, or did Apple’s updates fall flat?

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Apple Announcement Roundup


Welcome to the Apple Announcement Roundup! In anticipation of the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, which kicks off today in San Francisco, we’ve rounded up a timeline of some of Apple’s major announcements throughout the years.

While it’s been suggested that the 2013 conference won’t introduce any new products—extending Apple’s six-month lull in new product announcements #womp—rumors have been circulating about new hardware, software, and services that may be announced this week.  If you’re not a Registered Apple Developer don’t fret—you can tune into the events of the week through the free WWDC app released by Apple last Monday.  The app allows you to view the schedule, videos, maps, and related news.

01/09/2001 Apple introduces iTunes – “World’s Best and Easiest to Use Jukebox Software” Does anyone use the word “Jukebox” anymore?

10/23/2001 Apple presents iPod as the “ultra-portable MP3 music player” that “puts 1,000 songs in your pocket.”  iPod was the beginning of the end for MP3 and portable CD players.  And the newest iPod can hold 14,000+ songs. 

firstgeneration ipod resized 600 

Buttons on buttons on buttons. Image Source

01/11/2005 Apple introduces iPod shuffle allowing users to experience their music in a million different ways.

02/23/2005 Apple unveils iPod mini, making iPods more affordable and cuter.

04/12/2005 Apple announces Mac OS X “Tiger” with features like Spotlight and Dashboard, which Steve Jobs said would “change the way people use their computers, and drive our competitors nuts trying to copy them.”

09/07/2005 Apple introduces iPod nano because iPod mini needed a sibling.

01/10/2006 Apple introduces MacBook Pro and gives it a whole MacBook family in later in 2008

01/09/2007 Apple reinvents the phone with iPhone.  We’re quickly approaching first-generation iPhone’s 6th birthday on June 29th at 6:00pm, when the first iPhone went on sale in Apple stores, ever.  Happy birthday iPhone—you’re old.  Remember your first iPhone? 

macworld07 9 550x367 resized 600

Remember this clunker? Image Source

09/05/2007 Apple Unveils iPod touch

10/16/2007 Apple announces Mac OS X Server Leopard

01/18/2008 Apple introduces MacBook Air – “The World’s Thinnest Notebook”

06/09/2008 Apple introduces iPhone 3G

06/08/2009 Apple announces iPhone 3GS – “The Fastest, Most Powerful iPhone Yet,” FaceTime, and unveils Mac OS X Snow Leopard

01/27/2010 Apple launches iPad 

06/15/2010 Apple presents iPhone 4

11/16/2010 The Beatles—now on iTunes

hero 220101116 resized 600

The day iTunes became legit. Image Source

03/02/2011 Apple launches iPad 2

06/06/2011 Apple introduces iCloud, new version of iOS with notification center, iMessage, Newsstand, and Twitter integration, and Mac OS X Lion

06/21/2011 Apple revolutionizes video editing with Final Cut Pro X

07/20/2011 Apple releases Mac OS X Lion, updates MacBook air with next generation processors, Thunderbolt I/O and backlit keyboard, introduces world’s first Thunderbolt display, and updates Mac mini

08/24/2011 Steve Jobs resigns as CEO of Apple

10/04/2011 Apple launches iPhone 4S, iOS 5, and iCloud

10/05/2011 RIP Steve Jobs

steve jobs rip by snok daffy d4byi2f resized 600

iMiss you Steve. Image Source

01/19/2012 Apple reinvents textbooks with iBooks 2 for iPad and unveils all-new iTunes U app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

3/07/2012    Apple launches new iPad, completes iLife for iOS, brings 1080p HD to new Apple TV

6/11/2012    2012 WWDC - Apple introduces the “Next Generation MacBook Pro” with a slimmer and lighter body design that rendered the optical drive “so 2011,” updates the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro processors and new graphics, announces Mountain Lion will be available in July, and previews iOS 6 with new maps, new Siri features, FB integration, shared photo streams, and the new passbook app.

7/25/2012   OS X Mountain Lion becomes publicly available

OS X Mountain Lion Clean Wallpapers resized 600

So majestic. Image Source

9/12/2012   Apple introduces iPhone 5

9/19/2012   Apple releases iOS 6 to the public with over 200 new features but most importantly crappy maps

10/23/2012 Apple introduces iPad mini, the 13-inch MacBook Pro with retina display, and all-new iMac features

11/27/2012 Apple announces the November 30th availability of the new iMac

01/28/2013  Apple updates iOS to 6.1

06/10/2013 Apple introduces iPhone 6 with a version of Siri that works, Google Maps built-in, and a free kitten upon purchase.  Just kidding. 


Dayna Uyeda is an intern at Renegade and recent graduate of Duke University. Find her on LinkedIn

Steve Jobs as a marketing maven


Apple announced Wednesday that its co-founder, two-time CEO and face of the company, Steve Jobs, had passed away after a seven-year struggle with pancreatic cancer.

To detail each of Jobs’ game-changing creations would prove too lengthy for a single blog post.  Suffice it to say that a number of articles, books and even a movie have already delved into the life of the college dropout who went on to become one of the most successful and recognizable tech whizzes of our time.  The first authorized Jobs biography will hit shelves later this month, giving both the fanatics and the Mac-curious more to digest.

While a great deal of attention has been paid to the awesome (and I mean “awesome” in the truest sense of the word) gadgets conceived and created by Jobs, little has been said about his adeptness on the commercial side.  Business 2.0 once called Jobs “easily the greatest marketer since P.T. Barnum.”  Indeed his charisma, stage presence and signature style (black turtleneck and jeans) secured him the status as Apple’s most popular MC.  Although his role as marketer and showman was secondary to the innovator mantle, it still supersedes other CEOs and digital gurus.

To honor Jobs, here’s a look back at some of his most memorable marketing moments: 

1. “1984” Macintosh Ad, 1984: Directed by Ridley Scott, aired once during the Super bowl and named best commercial of the decade by Advertising Age. ‘Nuff said.


2. “Knick Knack,” 1989: The first animated feature created by Pixar, which Jobs purchased from LucasFilm and took to new heights. While not a reflection of his marketing prowess, the streamlined cinematography seemed to channel the crisp iMac ads that would run nearly a decade later.


3.  “Think Different,” 1997: While Jobs might not have created the iconic slogan, family, friends and followers consider him the embodiment of the phrase.



4. Silhouette iPod ads, 2001: Watching those dark figures rock out against candy-colored backgrounds gave you the irresistible urge to buy an iPod and join their legions.



5. “Get a Mac” campaign, 2006 to 2009: Probably the funniest Apple ad series of all time. Laidback Mac (Justin Long) always outshined his hopelessly flawed counterpart, PC (John Hodgman).


6. “New Soul” MacBook Air commercial, 2008: Yael Naim’s feathery voice provided a nice backdrop to the introduction of the first laptop to fit in a manila folder. Everyone was humming the tune throughout the year.

apple mac air envelope1 

7. iPad ads, 2010: Like its iPhone predecessor, the iPad commercials highlight a user-friendly interface and diverse functionality.  A neutral voiceover and soft piano keys add a simplified touch.

ipad advert e1268053004115


Farewell, Steve Jobs. Thanks for the gizmos, the tech revoultion and the vision.

Nicole Duncan

Comeback Kids


A few weeks ago Specific Media bought MySpace from News Corp. for $35 million— roughly 10 percent of what Rupert Murdoch’s media giant had paid for the networking site in 2005.  Given that MySpace has become a ghost of its former glory, it seems unlikely that any divine intervention ( even in the form of Justin Timberlake) will keep it from slipping further into obscurity.

While the odds aren’t necessarily in MySpace’s favor, a number of companies have escaped these slumps and gone on to exceed all past feats.  Here’s a list of our favorite comeback kids.  Who knows?  Maybe MySpace (or Sony?) will join their ranks one day.


The pricey yet personal notebooks were a brand long before they were attached to a particular company.  Despite their artistic following (Hemingway and Picasso were fans), the oilcloth books were disappearing until entrepreneur Maria Sebregondi founded Moleskine in the mid-90s. Now Moleskine has extended its line of diaries, notepads and sketchbooks to include city guides and topic journals.


The instant-camera king declared bankruptcy twice— once in 2001 and again in 2008.  With digital-bridging products like the Instant Mobile Printer and Lady Gaga as a creative director (divine celebrity intervention!), Polaroid is finding its niche.


While its competitor General Motors was forced to shut down its entire Pontiac division (much to the dismay of my Grand Prix), Ford saw a turnaround in 2009 when it boasted profits without any bailout funds.  Rebranding efforts, particularly ones emphasizing energy-efficient models have helped the automaker reshape its reputation. In April, Ford boasted its largest first-quarter profits in more than a decade.


As hard as it might be to remember a time before iPads, iPhones and iPods, the Silicon Valley super-giant went through a slow period in the late ‘80s and the ‘90s when it was largely relegated to computer labs in public schools.  Many credit Apple’s return to power (and prominence) to the return of Steve Jobs.

Nicole Duncan

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