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Social News Roundup | April 24, 2015


1) A new app Clear rids the ghosts of your social media past

Clear app

Photo courtesy of Mashable

Using computer algorithms, Clear finds and deletes embarrassing posts from your social media channels. To find out more, click here... 


2) Automation is the future for digital marketing, but not for social media.

shutterstock 197729552

Photo curtousy of Adweek

While 98% of marketing companies seek dedicated marketing automation software, very few want the same for their social media. Find out why here...


3) Want a 43% engagement rate on FB? Then don't sleep on Wichit.


Photo courtesy of Adweek

The award-winning app lets your followers vote on which option they like best. To read more, click here...


4) Never awkwardly crop your face again.

cheet sheet  resized 600

Photo courtesy of Mashable

Use this infographic to learn all the tips and tricks for perfectly sizing your social media images. To view, click here...

5) You just gave your all to build up your social following – now here's how to keep it.

describe the image

Photo courtesy of Adweek

Here are 7 tips on how to retain your followers on social media. 

Social News Roundup | April 17, 2015


1) If your company sounds like it was named using an Ouija board, it might be time to rename


Photo Courtesy of Adweek

Experts agree that quirky names are out. Follow these guidlines to build a strong and recognizable brand name. Read more...


2) Facebook will soon serve ads and content offsitefacebook111

Photo courtesy of

Facebook's ad targeting is unmatched, and soon you'll be able to use it accross the web. Read more here...


3) 14 ways to create a smashing Facebook campaign


Photo courtesy of Mashable

Instead of throwing more money into your campaign, utilize these tips for a smarter, more targeted ad campaign. Read more...


4) Global click-through rates jump 17% as advertisers hone in on their targets


Photo courtesy of Adweek

Advertisers hone in on their targets using Facebook's new in-depth offerings. Read more...


5) Social selling master class

shutterstock 148095986

Photo courtesy of Adweek

How the solar industry achieves 4x the national average referral rate. Click here to see how you can do the same.

Social News Roundup | April 10, 2015


1) Social media ad spending has hit its saturation point


Photos courtesy of MediaPost

 Global ad spending on social networks drops from 41% to an expected 29% Read more...


2) You should be leveraging the power of brand authenticity.


Photo courtesy of Adweek

91% of consumers want the brands they follow to be authentic in their posts. Find more stats here...


3) Women tout an estimated $5 trillion buying power.

women media hed5 2015

Photo courtesy of Adweek

 69% say browsing the internet gives idea for new brands and products to try.  Read more...


4) Have you been ignoring Pinterest?


Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Its $11 billion valuation and 70 million users might convince you otherwise. Read about it here...


5) All aboard! Spotify, Mountain Dew, and GE hop on the Periscope hype train.


Photo courtesy of Periscope

Learn why big companies are using the platform and how you can too here...

Social News Roundup | April 3, 2015


1) Messaging apps are the apps that stay the longest on users’ phones  

messengingapps 20150403

Photo Courtesy of Social Times

Retention rates for messaging apps were 5.6x better than the average app after 12 months. Read more...


2) Decoding the millennial mind: How to break through to this 80 million strong demographic

millenial mind hed 20150403

Photo Courtesy of AdWeek

Millenials spend an average of 4.2 hours per day on their laptops. Find out more stats about the millenial mind here...


3) Twitter analytics just got a whole lot better.

storify 20150403

Find our more about Twitter’s Curator here... 


4) Facebook is now crowdsourcing viral videos through its new project, Riff

Riff 20150403

Photo Courtesy of Mashable

The new app allows Facebook users to add their own clips on to their friends' videos. Read more...


5) Using a 3rd party Snapchat app?

snapchat 20150403

Photo Courtesy of Mashable

You wont be for much longer. Find out why here... 

Social News Roundup | March 27, 2015


1) Facebook Developer Conference Summary

FBconference 20150327

Photo Courtesy of AdWeek

Here are the 5 major things coming out of the conference that you should know about.


2) Burnbook App

Burnbook 20150327 

Photo Courtesy of Mashable

Mean Girls' 'Burn Book' has come to life in app form, and it’s just as bad as you would think. Read more...


3) For Pinterest, focus on the Moms

pinterest logo 20150327

Photo Courtesy of Social Times

See how brands like Verizon tailored their content on Instagram for the platform's “mom demographic”. Read more…


4) Gap releases a micro-series of Spring-related IG videos

GapInstagramSpring 20150327

Photo Courtesy of AdWeek

Check them out here.


5) The hard numbers behind the value of online business reviews

info 20150327

Photo Courtesy of Social Times

62% of online consumers are more likely to do business with a company after reading a positive review. Read more...


6) Forget March Madness, it’s all about Brand Madness

mcdonalds 20150327

Photo Courtesy of AdWeek

Brands’ Twitter clicks and Facebook engagements are being calculated to see which brand will win March Madness this year. Read more…

Social News Roundup | March 20, 2015


1) You can now pay your Facebook friends via Messenger!

Roundup FBPayMessanger

Photo Courtesy of Mashable

The new feature is set to roll out to Facebook users in the U.S. over the next few months. Read more...


2) Facebook's new Community Standards

FB CommStandards 

Photo Courtesy of Social Times

Facebook addresses their new policies on hate speech as well as nudity in their new Community Standards. Read more...


3) Which social network is most frequently accessed multiple times a day?


Infographic Courtesy of Social Times

Facebook! — with 50% of users accessing the site more than once a day. See more stats here


4) The Twittersphere is not too happy with Starbucks’ #RaceTogether campaign...


Photo Courtesy of AdWeek

So much so that Starbucks' VP of Communications had to deactivate his Twitter account. Read more here...


5) The next big thing to come out of #SXSW?


Photo Courtesy of Mashable

All signs point to Meerkat, a new livestreaming app. Read more...

Social News Roundup | March 13, 2015


1. Twitter experiments with ‘TV Timelines’
TwitterTVTimelines resized 600
Photo Courtesy of Mashable
Think of TV Timelines as TweetDeck (which is owned and operated by Twitter) for TV. The interface is separated into three columns or panes that you can swipe through: Highlights, Media and All. Read more…


2. Marketers Bet on Clever Hashtag Campaigns to Stand Out at SXSW
sxsw resized 600
Photo Courtesy of Adweek
To cut through the clutter, companies are whipping up hashtag campaigns. Read three ways agencies and brands are making the most of hashtags at this week's conference. Read more...


3. E-Commerce is the New Retail Storefront
retail resized 600
Photo Courtesy of Social Times
Online shopping has grown consistently over time. Consumers have started shifting to online shopping in most verticals for the convenience it provides, and the ability to shop around without visiting multiple brick and mortar stores. Read more…


4. Brands Are Now Posting More to Instagram Than Facebook
facebookposting resized 600
Photo Courtesy of Adweek
Brands post an average of 9.3 times a week to Instagram, up from 7.5 posts a year ago. Facebook posts decreased, meanwhile, from 11.1 to 8.8 per week. Read more…


5. Six Ways Your Business Can Use Great Visuals to Get Ahead of the Competition
better images
Photo Courtesy of Adweek
Next time you're gathering images for a blog post, pushing something out on social or sending out a newsletter, remember these situations where compelling visuals can make all the difference. Read more…


6.Why People Unfollow Brands on Social Media
Photo Courtesy of Social Times
24 percent unsubscribe because of repetitive/boring posts, 28 percent unsubscribe to rid their inbox of clutter, and 33 percent unsubscribe because they receive emails too frequently. Read more...

Social News Roundup | March 6, 2015


1. Why your Facebook Page may soon see a dip in number of likes

Roundup FBUsersDrop 20150306

Photo courtesy of Social Times

Facebook announced that, starting March 12, it will begin removing “inactive” users from a page’s like count. Read more...

2. An app to rival Instagram?

RoundUp Imgur 20150306

Photo courtesy of The Verge

Imgur will be launching a new app that allows users to browse through a collection of photos, GIFs, and other images via a “most viral” page as well as a “random” page. Read more...

3. The power of brand advocates

Roundup brandadvoc 20150306

Photo courtesy of Social Times

Click here for 5 tips on how to create a stronger advocacy in the B2B market.

4. Ain’t nobody got time for that app…

Roundup App 20150306

Photo courtesy of Social Times

A new study found that a user will abandon an app if it doesn’t load within 6 seconds. Read more...


5. #StopAbuseAgainstWomen Campaign

Roundup thedress 20150306

Photo courtesy of Mashable

The Salvation Army uses #TheDress to send a powerful message about domestic abuse awareness. Read more...

Social News Roundup | March 4, 2015


1. ‘U.S. News & World Report’ Backs Best Colleges Rankings with Facebook’s Interest Targeting | SocialTimes

USNewsAndWorldReportBanner resized 600 

Photo courtesy of

U.S. News & World Report social media editor Lauren Boyer used interest targeting to focus on Facebook users who had expressed interest in the top five schools on each ranking list. Read More…


2. Bolthouse Farms Challenge Aims To Drive 1M Fruit, Vegetable Images Posted Per Day

bolthousefarms resized 600

Photo courtesy of 

Bolthouse Farms — producer of fresh carrots, juices and other products, and one of the backers of the FNV marketing push — has now also launched its own new "Fruit & Veggie Takeover" social media initiative. Read More… 


3. How Can Facebook Advertisers Find the Right Photo-Video Mix?

fbads fbiq resized 600

Photo courtesy of Facebook IQ

Over an eight-day period in November 2014, Facebook helped an advertiser run a test that compared three sequencing strategies held over two four-day phases across both desktop and mobile News Feed in the U.S. Each group was targeted with a single ad, either video or photo (link ad). Read More… 


4. Twitter Videos Now Embeddable on Websites

Courtesty of Oakland Athletics Twitter

Twitter has been making major improvements to its video capabilities, aside from its Vine app. Now, Twitter announced that you can embed a video from Twitter to a website. Read More… 


5. INFOGRAPHIC: Which Selfies Draw the Most Likes?

selfie oncom resized 600

Photo courtesy of compared the average number of likes for selfies and non-selfies, focusing on time of day, location, gender and consumer behavior trends. Read more… 


6. Kelly Clarkson's Twitter listening party takes you inside her new album

Kelly Clarkson helped fans decipher her new studio album during a Twitter listening party on Tuesday, generating thounsands of engagements. Read more… 

Social News Roundup | February 18, 2015


1) Sweden is the World’s Most Romantic Country, Says Twitter

twitter love heat map 

Photo Courtesy of Social Times

Twitter tracked Tweets mentioning the phrase “I love you” in over 100 different countries and found that Sweden was the most romantic nation in the world. Read more…

2) Words with Friends Players Spill the Beans on Valentine’s Day [Infographic]

Words with Friends Infographic

Photo Courtesy of Social Times

Zynga has revealed the results of its fourth annual Valentine’s Day survey, which saw almost 70,000 Words with Friends players, share how they express their love (and respond to romantic language) both in the real world, and in the game. Read more…

3) Inmate gets 37.5 Years in Solitary Confinement for 38 Facebook Posts


Photo Courtesy of Social Times

The South Carolina Department of Corrections has been bringing down the hammer hard on inmates who are caught posting to social networks. Read more…

4) Facebook’s iOS App Gets Noisy


Photo Courtesy of Social Times

Are you hearing strange sounds while navigating the Facebook iOS application? Don’t worry: You’re not going crazy. Read more…

5) Valentine’s Day: Nanigans Examines Facebook Costs per Click


Photo Courtesy of Social Times

Social marketing platform Nanigans, a Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer, examined trends in costs per click for ads on the social network during the period around Valentine’s Day 2014. Read more…

6) Foursquare Eliminates Barriers To Mobile App

Foursquare logo

Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia

Reducing barriers to entry, Foursquare no longer requires new users to sign up for an account before accessing its mobile application. Read more…

7) Oakley Launches Global ‘Obsession’ Campaign With Athletes

 okley 188 OQQRnqB

Photo Courtesy of MediaPost

Action-gear company Oakley is launching a global digital push, “One Obsession,” whose goal is to get people to “join the brand’s global network of renowned athlete ambassadors in living out their passions,” the company says. Read more…

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